How a Quality Air Purifier Can Improve Your Home

Roughly 30 years ago, you can barely see any air purifiers in a home setting. Nowadays, it seems that every home appliance store has one and they are recommending it. It makes you wonder if air purifiers really necessary. Or, is it just a marketing gimmick to take away money from your pockets.

The truth is, an air purifier can offer significant advantages to homeowners, and that’s what we’ll cover in this article.

Better Airflow

If you have noticed that the airflow in your home is somewhat “diminished” or stifled, then it’s highly likely that indoor contaminants are causing the problem. Indoor pollutants may come in the form of pet dander, pollen, and dust to name a few.

Indoor contaminants typically build-up on your HVAC system, especially at the air filter; which then impedes indoor air flow.

High-quality air purifiers can significantly help by trapping the contaminants inside the unit, rather than allowing it to build-up on the HVAC system. Furthermore, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to deal with the filters inside the air purifier unit.

HVAC system maintenance or cleaning can easily cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

If you want more tips about improving indoor airflow, then you can check this posts (

Odor Removal

It doesn’t matter if you live in an older house or brand new residence, some unwanted odors linger and are very difficult to remove or mask. It’s tempting to stuff your home with air fresheners to solve the odor problem. However, the better idea is to simply get an air purifier.

Keep in mind that odors are nothing than molecules, often attached to a particle, floating in the air. Once these minute particles hit your nose, it will register as a particular smell in your brain. Hence, to effectively stop the odors, you need to eliminate the floating minute particles. The best way to do that is through air purifiers.

High-quality air purifiers are designed to trap very minute particles that may be carrying the unwanted smell. No particles in the air mean no odors.

Improves Air Quality

Most people assume that indoor air quality is better than the outdoors. As it turns out, this is not true in most cases.

According to this article from the New Straits Times ( Some homes have air quality that is five times worse when compared to the outdoors.

Most homes of today are becoming more and more energy efficient. One of the best ways to achieve higher efficiency is preventing leaks so warm or cold air cannot escape from the home.

On the downside, this also means that pollutants that infiltrated the home will likely be trapped indoors. To remove a significant portion of those trapped air pollutants, you will need the help of air purifiers.

As a bonus, your skin will improve. According to an article posted by (, air pollutants is one of the primary cause of various skin problems.

Bottom Line

As air pollution increases, the need for an air purifier becomes more and more critical. Furthermore, it offers plenty of other benefits like improving airflow and odor removal. And here’s the thing, an air purifier is a relatively cheap home appliance.

With so many benefits and it comes at an affordable price, air purifiers becomes one of those “must-have” appliances for any sensible home.