Different Types Of Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are mandatory in every household and also in commercial buildings. You might not know, but the power surge protectors are working right now. Installing a power surge protector is more like taking a preventative measure from the power surge causing damage to the electronic devices. Not having power surge protectors will result in having unprotected electronics.

When planning to install a power surge protector, there are a lot of options available. We are not talking about the brands. There are actually different kinds of power surge protectors available in the market. We will see them in detail in this article.

The primary type of power surge protectors

When we think of primary surge protectors, the first thing that comes to our minds is the small attachments that we use in our homes. But the major part of the surge protection is actually done by the primary surge protectors that are installed in the power lines that are entering the building. It is not visible to us. The primary power surge protectors are capable of protecting the entire wiring and the appliances connected in the entire building. Ti increases the effectiveness the primary surge protectors can use the internal ground wires of building.

Secondary type surge protectors

Secondary type surge protectors are the most commonly used surge protectors. They are small ones that are designed in such a way to be plugged in electrical outlets. These secondary surge protectors are not that powerful. It will be apt for simple devices. If you are plugging these secondary power surge protectors to some heavy home appliances, it won’t do any good. There are good possibilities that the power surge will affect the devices that are plugged in.

Power strips

Power strips are also considered as a secondary type power surge protector. It can be plugged into any electrical outlet. Most of the power strips come with three or more outlets. Some of the modern power strips are equipped with USB charging ports. These power strips are apt for most of the simple electronic devices. The power strips are capable of cutting off the power if there is an electric surge. This is how they protect various appliances.

Uninterrupted Power Supply Surge Protectors

Uninterrupted Power Supply Surge Protectors are generally referred to as the UPS. The predominant population thinks that UPS is power backup and nothing more. But that is not the truth. These Uninterrupted Power Supply Surge Protectors also serve as the power surge protectors. You would have seen that most of the computers use UPS. The UPS contains a battery. There are good possibilities that many might think of why it is so important. But it plays a very important role. When there is a power surge, the power is cut off, and the batter in the UPS will supply the power for the appliance to which it is connected. This is the reason why electronic devices, especially sensitive ones like computers, need a UPS to function properly